Curriculum Roadmap

This Guide to Creating Your Music Curriculum will help you to effectively *** Plan a new curriculum *** Know what skills and knowledge to build in *** Incorporate different learning styles and assessments. Save time, reduce workload and eliminate overwhelm with this fully editable roadmap.

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What You Will Get

If you are a new teacher or starting from scratch in a new setting, creating a new curriculum can be massively overwhelming, right? Make it easy with these 5 easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Why Learn Music?

How do you answer that never-ending question from unwilling students?  Find out here....

Step 2: Planning & Topics

How to choose what to teach from the vast historical catalogue of musical genres and how to organise it all into short, long and mid term plans.

Step 3: The 5 Essentials

What skills and knowledge are necessary and how do I build them in?

Step 4: Learning Styles

How do students learn?  A look at learning styles and how to implement them

Step 5: Assessment

Do I know what they know?  How do I use all that data?

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