5 Of The Best Rhythm Games


Rhythm may well be one of the first topics that you cover with a class.  Pulse and rhythm are so vital to every genre of music that it is really important that our students can at the very minimum feel it.  Preferably they will be able to read notated rhythms and perform them too.  

Often students are taught the basics - 'here is a crotchet, minim, quaver' etc - early on and then they are never mentioned again!  Unless that student plays an instrument regularly, there is no way they will retain that information. So why not add in some fun games regularly to remind them of pulse, rhythm and notation?  

One of my favourites that my students love to finish a lesson with is 'Pass the Beat Around the Room'.  You can read more about that in my post 10 Fun Music Games.

The following 5 games are quick and easy to produce and can be used as starters, plenaries or main lesson topics.  

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