5 Simple Ways To Teach Piano Keys


 So here is a phrase most of us hear on loop every day.....

"Miss, where's the A?"

Ah yes, the sound of students trying to work out where the keys are on a piano.  I find that keyboards and pianos can be highly deceptive.  It is so easy for students to actually create a sound that it is easy to forget that they don't know what they are playing, or understand the structure of the keyboard in any way.  

In some schools where I have worked, the whole notion of actually learning the piano keys seems to be glossed over and students spend the whole of KS2 or KS3 just relying on letter names written on to the keyboard.  But would you write the letter names on to a cello or a trumpet?  Would you deface your violin with whiteboard marker?  I certainly wouldn't, so why not teach the keyboard or piano notes properly in the first place?

I am fully aware that it is difficult for students to learn notes off by heart when they play this instrument for...

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