Cakes, Jumpers & Music: Ideas On Teaching Texture

'What is Texture?'

I'm sure you have asked that question many times, asking for some intelligent answers about lines of melody and the way they interact, or layers of sound, or something, anything, vaguely related to what you have taught them. 

Instead, you inevitably end up with half a dozen students looking at their jumpers in confusion and someone who starts talking about Mary Berry's sponge comments on Bake Off last night.  

'That cake had a great texture didn't it miss?  Paul Hollywood loved it!'

'We learnt about texture in textiles, miss.  My jumper has a smooth texture.  Miss Jones said so'.

And so then you have to weave in (ooh quick accidental texture joke there!!!) cakes and jumpers to your lesson about musical texture.  

Which isn't always a bad thing, if you can get off the subject of the failed chocolate gateau in the technical round of Bake Off. 

In my world, there are 8 main textures which students should understand for KS4 level....

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10 Tried & Tested Ways To Teach Tempo & Dynamics


Tempo and Dynamics are key elements for students to understand, and arguably, the easiest.  In my experience, these are the two that students find it easiest to retain and explain.  However, they will need to be introduced to the vocabulary like any other concept, and getting students to use the correct Italian words is definitely a higher level challenge.  

It is not, however, necessarily a challenge that must be put off until secondary school.  Why not teach these words in primary school and embed the vocabulary right from the start?  

Have you downloaded the FREE KEYWORD SUPERFOLDER yet?  An amazing time-saving, workload-reducing pack of resources containing all keywords needed for GCSE/BTEC, with listening links and definitions.  Check it out HERE.


What Should I Teach?

So, stage 1 of embedding the vocabulary is, of course, to teach it.  For KS2 or KS3 I start with the following list:


  • Largo - slow and...
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