6 Pitch Activities To Learn Music Notes Fast

In our technological age of students learning by Youtube and playing by ear, many do not see the value in learning basic music notes.  It is only when they want to progress and play more complex pieces or can't find a tutorial video for a piece that they come unstuck.  

I have lost count of the number of times a student has asked if I have the music for 'Fur Elise', only to look horrified when I give them exactly what they asked for.  

'But miss, I can't read that!'

'Well, that's the music you asked for.  What were you expecting?'

Of course, being the patient teacher that I am [ahem, clears throat] I then carefully write in the notes for them, without any irritation showing at all in my face and knowing, deep down, that I will still only ever hear the first 9 notes and that section B will never, ever, get a look in.

Anyway, I digress!  Teaching clefs and notes is a vital and very basic part of music education.  Just as students cannot access English...

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