4 Games For Tidying Up Your Music Lesson

We're almost there....the end of term is approaching fast.  This week I received an SLT email reminding me of 'end of term procedures', including ensuring that all desks are clear (not sure I've seen the actual wood of my desk for a little while now.....) and that all equipment is put away.  

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I am particularly 'special' about putting things away on a daily basis, so for me this won't be an issue.  But for some teachers I have worked with, this may turn out to be a bit of a challenge......

So why not start introducing some fun tidying up games now?  Start training your students to make sure everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is put away at the end of every lesson.  For me this includes not only musical equipment but also any random stationery, books, chairs and even tables straight.  

Here are 4 fun ways to start making that happen.


1. Beat the Timer


There are lots of timers on Youtube that you could use.  Why not save a selection of different lengths and have them ready for your class?  They range from 30 seconds for a quick keyboard tidy to 5 or 10 minutes if lots of equipment is out and they have been working around the department.  Make it clear that at the end of the timer all students must be sat in silence at their desks, or in their circle with absolutely everything away in its place. 

Here are some of my favourites:

30 second Countdown Clock

2 minutes Silent Timer

5 minute Calm 4 Chord Countdown

10 minute Dance Countdown

And here's something a little more ridiculous for those classes that appreciate the insane....Pineapple Pen 5 minute timer


2. Action Movie

Tidy up in the style of an action hero.  The theme music to 'Mission Impossible' is particularly effective for this.  When students hear this come on they will now they have 3 minutes to completely clean up.  And if they want to do it in sneaky spy-type movements, the more fun they may have.  You could even give prizes or points for the students with the best spy style. 


3. Competition Time

Split your class into groups and assign each group an item to tidy.  For instance, one group does pens, pencils and books, another does headphones, another does xylophones and beaters, another tidies chairs and tables.  The first group to tidy their equipment properly is the winner and gets the prize/stickers/merit points. 


4. Dice Game

This works really well when students have been using a lot of equipment in a lesson.  Assign each item that a group has used with a number, from 1-6 and display this on the board.

eg percussion = 1, beaters = 2, chairs = 3, books & pens = 4, guitars = 5, keyboards = 6

Each group has a dice and cannot tidy up that item until they have rolled the number.  Fastest group wins, which I find inspires some extremely fast dice rolling.  It's a noisy way to tidy, but it makes it a little more interesting and does make sure that everything is put away.  

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