Music Teachers' Quick Planning Guide

Lesson Planning Overview For Music Teachers


When it comes to lesson planning, it can be a challenging and very time-consuming job.  But it doesn't have to be yet another teaching chore, another piece of admin to be carried out.  This is your chance to be creative and dictate what you want to spend your days teaching. Sometimes you will be overrun with ideas for lesson planning, whilst at other times you won't be able to think of a thing.  This is where you need some degree of organisation, rather than an explosion of random ideas.

Long, Mid or Short Term Lesson Planning?

When you are thinking about your lesson planning, it's best to think of the end game first.  Where are your students going to end up? Which qualification are they going to be taking? What route will they be following after school?  Work backwards from that endpoint, considering what skills and knowledge they will need to have gained or improved in the intervening years. Your...

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6 Top Tips For A Successful Music Performance

You’ve practised for a long time.  You’ve invited everyone you know to come and see you.  The audience is ready for a brilliant and entertaining show.  But how can you guarantee that your music performance will be really successful? Well, unfortunately, in the world of live performance there are no guarantees.  To be realistic, there is any number of things that could go wrong. But being prepared will not only reduce that possibility but also ensure that you are able to cope and keep going if something unplanned or unexpected does happen.

Be well rehearsed

Always rehearse far more than you think you need to.  You should know your pieces upside and backwards. You should be able to start at any given point without thinking about it.  If you are a singer you should know your lyrics thoroughly. If you are in a rock or pop band you should be able to perform without your music.  How are you going to stage slide if you are relying on being...

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