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Hi, I'm Fran and I'm really excited that you have chosen us for your musical education.  I am a musician, teacher, blogger and mum and I have set up this music school to make your life as a musician easier.  

I have played instruments for over 25 years starting, as so many children do, with the recorder at school.  Having begged my parents to let me progress to the flute, I then found an old clarinet in the loft, so started that too.  The bassoon, piano and saxophone followed, as did a music degree at King's College, University of London, where I had the honour of studying at both The Royal Academy of Music and The Guildhall School of Music during my degree.

I have taught music at primary and secondary level now for 13 years, including whole class and one to one and small group instrumental teaching. I have taught to BTEC, GCSE and A-Level as well as primary.  I have even run classes for babies to preschool age. 

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and resources with you here. 

Happy music making!


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