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A supportive place for music teachers with guest experts, group coaching and resources.

Music Room Resources

Posters, Instrumental Charts, Theory Guides and Interactive Starter Games.  All those pesky little resources you wished you had time to make but just never got around to doing.

Community & CPD

A chance to chat and share the love with other like-minded music teachers.  Get advice and inspiration in our Virtual Music Department, which meets up regularly online for coaching and discussion, along with monthly online music-specific training.

Lesson Plans & Resources

Fully editable Schemes of Learning with accompanying slides and resources are available for KS1-3 across a wide range of genres.

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"Excellent experience. Great variety covering all aspects regarding teaching music. "

Georgina Biddle

Help yourself to these FREE fully editable resources

Home Learning Google Drive

Struggling for ideas to set for home learning?  Let me help you out with this FREE Google drive of ideas, from extended projects to short tasks.  Includes a large number of 'No Tech-Low Tech' projects and fun activities for those students who don't have home access to technology.  Also includes an extensive directory of 'Useful Weblinks' to help bring something new to your teaching. 

Access the G-drive here

Keyword Superfolder

Are you focussing on musical language this year?  The basic elements are vital musical vocabulary that can be learnt from primary age, but if you need to go deeper it is sometimes difficult to know how to split the vocabulary into manageable bite-sized chunks.  This FREE keyword super-folder is a complete swipe file based around DR CAT SMITH, with various formats to help teachers and students alike.

Download the Keyword Superfolder

"Great Freebies! I can't think of anything you could do better!"

Jen Scott

100 Curriculum Ideas

Are you starting to think about next year’s schemes?  Are you tired of teaching the same topics every year and fancy a change? Maybe you are not sure what else you could deliver?  Why not have a look at this list of 100 Ideas for Music Schemes of Learning?  This FREE document is split into age groups so that you can instantly access ideas for teaching.

100 Ideas are waiting for you here

Curriculum Planner

Are you thinking about next year and feeling a little confused or stressed?  In these hugely uncertain times, it is difficult to plan like us teachers usually like to, isn’t it?  But that’s no reason not to have a provisional outline of your school year in place.  This FREE curriculum planner will enable you to visualise your plans for topics, extracurricular events and term dates in an easy to follow and edit format. 

Access the Planner Here

Curriculum Roadmap

Have you been putting off writing that curriculum?  Unsure where to start?  Has it been a while since you have had to write a music curriculum and just need a refresher?  Are you a non-specialist and not sure which skills and knowledge need to go in there?  Then take a look at this Curriculum Roadmap; a free document to help you plan quickly and efficiently and to ensure you have everything you need to make your music curriculum rock.

Download the Roadmap Here

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